Our Curriculum

At Deermeadows Preschool we use a variety of curriculum resources to teach concepts and meet the developmental needs of our students with the basis from The Weekday Early Education program (WEE Learn).  Early Childhood software and manipulatives, as well as teacher created curriculum and materials are also used.

WEE Learn supports best practice and has been evidence-based researched and cross-referenced with the Florida Performance Standards. It recognizes children’s individual differences and learning styles and these are considered as they learn through centers and circle times which incorporate the daily theme or study unit. Each day your child will experience new and exciting activities. Kindergarten teachers from both public and private schools have commented that they can identify those children who have attended Deermeadows Preschool. They say it is evident that the children are more than prepared to perform the tasks of the kindergarten curriculum.

Academic Enrichment with our Learning Specialist

At Deermeadows we consider every child's academic, social and behavioral skills as well as physical, developmental and spiritual needs.  We are dedicated to giving students an excellent background in academics, as well as personal character training taught through the principles of God’s Word. Our academic enrichment program that is offered to our VPK kids is just one example of this dedication. 

Every child in the VPK  program is mandated (by the Early Learning Coalition) to be tested during the first month of school. Any child who needs extra help to be prepared for kindergarten will meet with a small group of his/her peers once or twice a week during preschool at no charge to you. Our Learning Specialist is a degreed and certified teacher who provides fun enrichment activities to help those who might need a little extra help.