Why Choose Deermeadows Preschool?


 We miss you and your children!  We pray you are well in spite of these uncertain times in unchartered territory.

Deermeadows Church and Preschool want to do our part during this time to protect the health of the preschool community and the community at large.  We also commit to cooperating with government authorities in efforts to stop the spread of the virus.


  1. Deermeadows Preschool will be closed until April 15th as advised by the State of Florida and Duval County Schools.  Closures beyond that time will be determined at a later date and will be communicated to you as soon as they are known.


  1. The Preschool handbook you received this year states that “In case of emergency closure, tuition will remain the same.”  However, in these unprecedented times, an exception is being made.  Therefore, April tuition will not be due until school resumes and will be adjusted for the reduced number of days. 

We are also asking our teachers to stay in touch with you and your children. We want to provide enrichment opportunities and ideas for you to use at home. 

God’s word teaches us many truths about how to deal with fear and worry. We all have concerns and, yes, are even anxious about the “unknowns.” Take some time to love on your family. Use this time to remember the invaluable lesson on how to trade our fear and worry with God’s truth. God, Himself, promises peace and comfort when we give Him our fears.


Please let us know if there are other ways we may support you.  We are praying for your families and we hope to see you again soon.  Stay well.


 At this time, plan to enjoy your little ones and stay healthy. Join us in asking God for wisdom and clarity in the future decisions for our students and school. Deermeadows will continue to provide updates and information as needed.

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What makes Deermeadows Preschool so SPECIAL?

·        All students at Deermeadows attend music, chapel and library once a week.

·        All four-year-olds attend computer class once a week where they are taught Keyboarding Without Tears. This program has been awarded a Seal of Alignment for Readiness by the International Society for Technology in Education.  This class makes it easy to teach keyboarding and pre-keyboarding skills that students need to succeed in any assignment, in any setting. The award-winning Keyboarding Without Tears program teaches touch typing, digital citizenship and computer readiness with developmentally paced, grade-specific lessons. 

·        Four-year-olds have access to our in-house Learning Specialist.  She is an experienced, certified teacher that works with the children privately or semi-privately to provide intentional guidance and rich experiences that build upon individual strengths and talents. This is provided to those students that might need just a little extra attention.  We want your child to not only meet but exceed the expectations for school readiness.

·        Deermeadows Preschool is blessed to have our very own Resource/Enrichment Director.  She rotates resources (toys, books, manipulatives, puzzles, etc.) weekly for each teacher based on the teacher’s lesson plans.  Your child will always have new materials rotated in their learning centers in the classroom.  This provides opportunities to learn about specific subjects by playing and engaging in activities related to the teacher’s lessons for the week.

·        Early Care is available to parents that need that extra hour in the morning.  Our Early Care service runs from 8:00am-9:00am.  We also offer After Care for those needing a little extra time each day from 1:00pm-3:00pm. 

·        Each week teachers send home a “Peek Sheet” which allows parents to see what is going to be happening in the classroom the following week.  Parents can see what the weekly theme is and how each center is revolving around that theme. (See example below).

·        Deermeadows offers many enrichment activities after school such as Mazza Smith Dance, Team PlayBall and FALA Spanish Class.

·        We like to party at Deermeadows!  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these activities such as Doughnuts with Dads, Fall Party, Four-Year-Old Thanksgiving Feast, Easter Hat Parade and Egg Hunts, Mother’s Day events and more!

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At Deermeadows Preschool, it is our sincere desire to make a major contribution to a child's overall personal development - socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. We serve children from 1 year (as of September 1st) through 4 years of age. Our school is highly respected among preschool educational programs in the city of Jacksonville, staffed with qualified, degreed and trained faculty and staff.

Established in 1989, Deermeadows Preschool offers a warm, nurturing environment that compares to none other. When you walk in the doors we want you to feel the notable sweet spirit that permeates the classrooms and hallways. This begins in the hearts of our staff. They have a genuine love for the Lord and a passion for what they do. This love flows from their hearts and into the hearts of the children they teach.

Classes are offered Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., and the school year runs from September through May.


100% Compliance with the Department of Children and Families! 

License No. C04DU0127

9780 Baymeadows Road


Deermeadows Preschool is 100% compliant with the Department of Children and Families AGAIN!  We work hard to ensure we give the absolute best to our families!